September 14A2M – A novel concept to a age old problem!

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Often, in life, having the ability to progress or allow something to proliferate is a positive. Conversely, stopping something altogether, can be beneficial as well.

Take for example gardening, we want our fruit trees and vegetable plants to grow and thrive, but our weeds? Not so much. Or, while playing a fantastic round of golf with 300+yard-drives, when we get close to the green and the hole, we don’t want that ball to move much. “Stop!” or “Bite!” are terms golfers often exclaim.

So how does this relate to medicine? I am glad you asked.

In cases of arthritis, where human joints become inflamed and they lose their ability to articulate, we want to stop the progression of arthritis. Everybody know inflamed joints and pain in the joints is not very fun.

At Apex Biologix, we have a solution for helping stop arthritis from developing.

Introducing A2M.

With A2M, doctors will now be able to isolate and concentrate α2 Macroglobulin (A2M). This substrate is found in the plasma volume after the initial and final centrifugal spins of the double spin system our doctors are currently using.

A2M is accountable for and acts as an endogenous inhibitor of the main enzymes responsible for cartilaginous degradation. In other words, α2M helps stop arthritis in its tracks.

If doctors are already enjoying the benefits of the PRP double spin system, A2M will act as a primary or adjunct procedure to their services. When paired with their PRP product, it will simply be known as A2M plus Pure PRP! This becomes a 1-2 punch in stopping the progression of arthritis while simultaneously allowing for proper healing and regeneration of human joints.

With A2M doctors can now utilize more of the plasma volume obtained from a patient’s own blood and unlock the healing mechanisms inside the body.

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