June 25Amniotic Membrane Tissue During Repair of Posterior Tibial & Achilles Tendons

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Connective tissues that become damaged or diseased can result in reduced mobility and contribute to the development of chronic pain. While conservative treatment approaches are often helpful, many patients become debilitated and require surgical intervention.  As a result of the widespread prevalence of these conditions, procedures to repair and reconstruct damaged connective tissue are common-place. While these procedures are usually successful, the healing of damaged tendons and ligaments following surgery is particularly difficult often resulting in the failure of the tendon or ligament to regain its original strength.

A novel allograft composed of human amniotic tissue has recently been introduced for use in tendon surgery (AmnioClear™, AFCell, Fort Wayne, IN). As a result of its unique biologic properties6, we have recently begun using human amniotic membrane tissue as an alternative for wrapping tendons during surgery for posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD) and Achilles tendon repair procedures in order to reduce adhesion formation and improve tendon gliding.

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