Koppel, Todd M.D.

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Place Category: Pain Management and Regenerative Medicine

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  • Dr. Koppel is a board certified pain management specialist with twenty years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of various types of acute and chronic ailments. Each patient receives a comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan. Most conditions can be treated without surgery utilizing either regenerative therapies or state of the art minimally invasive conventional modalities.

    “Interventional therapy can treat a majority of conditions in a manner which is simple, safe, effective and void of untoward side effects. The longer a condition exists, the more difficult it is to treat. If a condition does not respond to conservative treatment, such as physical therapy, within two to three months, then it is unlikely that additional therapy will be beneficial. However, treating the cause of the pain with my modalities, and combining with a specific therapy program, can lead to a permanent solution. My goal is to utilize minimally interventional techniques to diagnose the source of the pain, and then treat it. I have improved or cured the conditions of thousands of patients who might have otherwise undergone surgery with its much greater risks and complications.”