Gabriel Bonilla, MD

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  • Dr. Bonilla is a double board certified physician (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Interventional Pain Management) with over 12 years of experience treating painful musculoskeletal conditions and spine injuries ranging from joint pain, arthritis, tendon, and ligament injuries, to painful spine conditions. Dr. Bonilla prides himself on using the most important tools in Physical Medicine; listening carefully to his patient and using his hands to perform a careful physical exam. He then uses advanced imaging techniques to confirm the diagnosis. He thoroughly educates his patients on their conditions and treatment options and is a very caring and personable physician, always ensuring his patients are as comfortable as possible.

    Dr. Bonilla has been performing Regenerative Medicine for many years. He is trained and highly experienced in the use of ultrasound and fluoroscopy guided injections. He is also trained in the use of stem cells and amniotic tissue for regenerative purposes. He has extensive training in the use of Regenerative Medicine products for aesthetics purposes (skin rejuvenation, hair restoration, sexual enhancement procedures).