June 25Stem Cell Injection of Foot & Ankle

Articles, Foot & Ankle

We performed a prospective randomized clinical trial comparing improvement of plantar fasciitis symptoms in patients receiving standard of care treatment alone versus standard of care with the injection of a mDHACM allograft (AmnioFix Injectable, MiMedx Group Inc, Marietta, GA). The study was conducted at a single center in southwest Virginia under the direction of a senior clinician (C.M.Z.) with continuous enrollment of all eligible patients who wished to participate. Patients read and signed an institutional review board (IRB)-approved informed consent form prior to any study involvement. The study was reviewed and approved by Western IRB and preregistered in (NCT01659827). The study population comprised patients with plantar fasciitis of 8 weeks to 1 year in duration who had not responded to traditional therapies.

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