June 25Steve Atwood

In 2001, I had a snowboarding accident where I hit a tree stump and folded my knee over. I tore my ACL, MCL and Meniscus. Since then, I’ve had 3 surgeries on my left knee to repair that, and my cartilage is just degenerated with post-traumatic arthritis. It limited me in what I could do. There was a lot of bone on bone pain.

I did a lot of mountaineering and then all of a sudden there was just no more hiking. I couldn’t walk downhill. I tried it, it was unbelievable. That was another shock, it was like, well this is over.

One thing people notice when their joints go away is that your life changes profoundly. Especially if you’re into working out and other activities like that. Even walking the dog was difficult. This was very strange for me.

It was kind of a downward spiral. The pain just got worse and worse. I was heading for a major change.

I did very little before to manage the pain. I took Ibuprofen and did some physical therapy, but it wasn’t really helping.

I had both knees and both shoulders operated on and I was due for a knee replacement. I heard about regenerative therapy from my brother, a doctor, who was investigating it. I was looking for an alternative to another surgery and after finding out about regenerative therapy, I wanted to give it a try.

The actual procedure went very smoothly. The prep is nothing, it’s not even noticeable. You get some blood drawn, wait awhile, lie down on a comfortable bed and listen to music in a heated room. I didn’t even notice the injection at all. The technique is so refined that you barely notice anything. It’s a much better alternative than surgery.

After my first injection, I got noticeably better within 8 weeks. Within 4-6 weeks I was getting back to my normal routine. You get functionality back on a curve but as soon as you start to get better, everything gets better faster. It’s a combination of building the muscles back up through physical therapy and having these injections.

I’m feeling excellent! I’m excited to get back to crossfit, hiking, a lot of mountaineering; and I love skate skiing, which I’ll get back into next winter. I’m already doing squats and deadlifts. What more can you ask for? I’m kind of a fanatic about regenerative medicine.

People should look forward to this. This should be available to everybody. There is no reason right now to suffer the consequences of wearing out before you die. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore. You should at least be aware of the fact that this is real, it exists, and it works. It’s not hypothetical anymore.

People should prioritize this. It’s worth it because you can retain your sense of self. When you live in pain everything in your life starts to change and you start to feel like a different person. Although it’s cash-pay, you prioritize it because it’s worth it. It’s way superior to doing any kind of a joint replacement. Some people need joint replacements but some can benefit from this, like me, and avoid it. That used to be the only option, up until this.

This type of treatment is unbelievable, really. I’m starting to feel normal again.


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