Heather Hill

Salt Lake City, Utah

In 2014 I was participating in some physical activity, and my shoulder popped out of place. I did not undergo any type of surgery.

The majority of my pain was happening when I would sleep, while at work typing on a keyboard all day, and of course while doing my hair. Pretty much any activity that required me to raise my arm higher than my waist.  I was taking Advil for the pain but it just wasn’t getting much relief. I was having to take a sleep aid to alleviate the pain at night.

When I heard about regenerative therapy I was a bit skeptical at first, but after reading up on it I felt confident that the injection would help my pain. I really liked the idea of taking something inside my body and putting it back to help with the pain.  No medication and no surgery sounded great!

The preparation of the injection wasn’t bad at all, although I was a bit nervous prior to receiving the actual injection.

The injection itself went quickly and smoothly with very minimal pain. After the procedure I was a bit sore for the rest of the day, sort of like a dead arm feeling. Nothing that I couldn’t handle!

Since receiving my injection my pain level has dropped from about an 8 at my worst to a 0. I still sometimes can’t believe the relief I feel. I can now go about my day and do all the things I need to. Also my sleep is uninterrupted. I feel GREAT!!!

I would HIGHLY recommend this procedure to anyone experiencing pain. I know others who have also had the procedure done and have had great success!

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