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Acute and chronic knee pain conditions can be effectively treated with regenerative medicine. Read our articles and testimonials today to learn how regenerative medicine has helped others overcome pain.



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Autologous Mesenchymal Stem Cell Treatment – Knee Osteoarthritis

Articles, Knee Pain

This study was a phase one clinical trial in which six patients with radiologic evidence of knee osteoarthritis (OA) that required joint replacement surgery were recruited. The main objective of this phase was to evaluate treatment safety. A large controlled trial, however, is necessary to compare intra-articular MSC injection with standard of care. In conclusion, […]

Regenerative Repair of Damaged Meniscus with Autologous Adipose Tissue-Derived Stem Cells

Articles, Knee Pain

A 32-year-old female was been experiencing left knee pain for the last two years prior to the office visit. The patient denied any history of significant trauma, except exercising on a treadmill. On the day of the initial evaluation, she reported moderate pain. She also complained of mild knee swelling. On physical examination, there were […]

After my first stem cell injection, I got noticeably better within 8 weeks. Within 4-6 weeks I was getting back to my normal routine. You get functionality back on a curve but as soon as you start to get better, everything gets better faster. It’s a combination of building the muscles back up through physical therapy and having these injections.

Bob Rosenthal

I’m kind of a skeptic on a lot of things, but this has actually worked quite well. People will ask me “Hey, how did that stem cell therapy work out for you?” And I’ve been very positive in my response. It’s been really good for me and it has reduced my pain. I would definitely recommend it. With 3 surgeries on my left knee and 2 on my right, and the very long recovery time, I haven’t seen the benefits. I’ve seen more positive results with this than with my knee arthroscopies and surgeries.

Steve Atwood

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